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Branding Story

Our journey from passion to legacy

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Branding Story

At Dr Nazelia Clinic, our story began with Dr Nazelia bt Thibroni, a certified dermatologist. With the limitations of government healthcare, she sought to offer comprehensive and personalised treatments for her clients, helping them achieve what they desire.

Founded upon her dream of empowering individuals, she established the first clinic in 2012 in Alor Setaroffering a safe space for cherished clients to redefine themselves. Our core is innovation with compassion, ensuring a seamless blend of professionalism and care.

Since then, with a team of caring professionals, our vision grew to four branches across the country, including in Shah Alam, TTDI, and Dataran Wangsa Melawati, now trusted destinations for dermatology and aesthetic care.

Our Academy Centre in TTDI, KL further embodies our commitment to education and innovation,
providing opportunities for both professionals and the public to learn about aesthetic care.

In all we do, we are inspired by our vision and mission


  • To provide the best customer service for clients
  • To establish a comfortable environment for clients to feel at ease
  • To provide advanced aesthetic care
  • To help boost both the confidence and outlook of our clients


To bring our clients the most uptodate aesthetic and dermatological procedures and services available at affordable prices


Ultimately, we always prioritise exceptional customer service, and advanced yet affordable aesthetic care in a comfortable environment, helping you embrace your unique beauty with confidence

“Beauty comes from within, from being confident in your own skin.”

Dr Nazelia, Founder